Midnight flicks...and ramblings

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So I am up be it my narcotic farts or anxiety about them, can't sleep. I was flipping through the channels and came upon Aliens 3.

I was relating to Ripleys horror when she found out she had an alien in her. I could so empathize with her anger and grief. Those aliens took everything from her. Now they are using her body to breed a queen. It is in her like a disease.

I had seen the movie before but felt a new empathy with that particular character and circumstance. In the end as I watched her backward fall into the molten steel and clutch the alien to her, I hoped if it came to my end that I would end that gracefully.

Though I have to admit the movies where the aliens get their butts kicked and we win are pretty good too. I will keep an eye out for one of those during my narcotic fart induced insominic nights.

Lol, maybe my quilt block will have an alien on it. I love sci fi stuff.


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    HA! I thought....
    I was alone in my taste for science fiction and serial killer rampage movies in the middle of the night after chemo.. :). Maybe it's because I don't have to concentrate on any real plot. Sigorney Weaver battling the Mama alien sounds like a Teal Warrior image... Ripley with Teal Toes?
    (((HUGS))) Maria