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I usually am on the Breast Cancer boards but I thought you ladies would better appreciate this story. The drug Tamoxifen promotes endometrial cancer. I had to have a second hysteroscopic polypectomy in less than 2 years. During the procedure, while I was under a light 'sleeping' anesthetic, the scissor finger of the instrument used to clip off the polyps broke off. Apparently the doctor had to flush my uterus with lots of saline to get the dern thing to wash out. When I woke up they had placed many pads between my polo shirt and skin to soak up saline because it leaked all over my back. They insisted I wear one of the shirts home with their office logo on it. I kept saying, in my still-groggy state, that the AZ heat will dry it in no time so I'll just wear my own. They insisted I change shirts! Guess they didn't want me walking through the waiting room with shirt all wet in the back. Anybody ever have the equipment break off inside them? Creepy. ~~Connie~~


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    I haven't heard of such a thing! So what did they do to confirm that they got all parts of the insturment out of you? A scan? I can't imagine that saline with have enough force to wash out a part of a medical insturment. Was it plastic. I would ask the doctor for a copy of the product complaint to the manufacturer and their response from the manufacturer. Or was the insturment not assembled correctly. Hmmmmm. I bet you had some pain and discomfort from all the manipulation and "flushing" they had to do to get the thing out of you!! I don't get how it got into your uterus if they were working on your cervix. Was a medical student working on you or your physician. My heart goes out to you!!