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I have an almost 8 year old daughter that was diagnosed with Suprasellar Germinoma and Panhypopituitarasim in August 2010. Is there anyone in North Carolina that has a child diagnosed with the same Cancer. I would like to meet other parents.

Thank you!


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    I am not from there, but I
    I am not from there, but I too had germinoma in the supracellar region. Not a parent, either..Apologies.
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    Hi prnitzi
    Hi there, I am not sure what kind of cancer your daughter has, but my 13 year old daughter has Anaplastic Astrocytoma 3 in the cerrebellum of her brain. I have also looked for parents of kids with the same cancer and I found it frustrating on how hard it is to find someone local going through the same. I totally understand how you are feeling as a mom with a child who has cancer. I live in NH, but would love to keep in touch with you because to me it doesn't matter if the cancer is the same, our fears probably are.
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    My husband was diagnosed
    My husband was diagnosed with a mixed germ cell tumor on the hypothalamus in 1986, at age 20. He was treated in Atlanta at a child hospital, as this was considered a childhood tumor. He then had panhypopituitarism as a result. He continues to stay on Synthroid, DDAVP, Cortef and testosterone. Unfortunately, the radiation (whole brain) they gave him in 1987 caused new and different tumors in 2009 (22 years later and he had no issues all those years). He now has stage IV GBM and is blind at age 45. His spirits are high.

    Did your daughter have treatment?