I had surgery on June 10th & thank you all for the best wishes!

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I had surgery June 10th & thank you all for the best wishes! It was as if I felt support from you! My surgery went well. Had a lumpecomy & 2 lymph nodes removed which were noncancerous. I had the best care from the nurses, doctors, surgeon, & staff. I've been ok. Taking Vicoden every 4hrs. I had been swollen & numb but yesterday I began to feel a different kind of pain. As if the numbness was subsiding & I began to have this burning sensation under my armpit. Its not unbearable but not pleasant. Wasn't expecting it...what else should I expexpect? What else did you girls experience?
I can't say my bday, June 11, was a blast but I'm here...healing & resting. I am such a lucky woman to have a husband that is taking care of me 24hrs a day. He's made all the meals, laundry, helps me shower, & has been such a great emotional support. He was able to work from home this week which has made it easier on me. He doest let me do anything:-) It is kind of driving me crazy that I can't do the things I usually do.
In a week I see my surgeon & will know the results from pathology. From there its radiation. How is that going to be?
Thanks again for all your support, bday wishes, advice, & encouraging words!
:-) Becca


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    I'm not sure how radiation
    I'm not sure how radiation is with implants, but without them it's not too bad. The area on my chest where they beamed the light got red like it was sunburned. Then right at the end the reddest area began to peel. They gave me a cream I used and it wasn't that uncomfortable. They do say fatigue goes with it, but I couldn' tell much difference.