Celebration of the Cells - Letters from a Cancer Survivor

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No book by the author has helped more people than “Celebration of the Cells” – both cancer patients and more so their families. It has been reprinted several times.

The mind and body together possess enormous resources and strength to counteract the negative impact of any serious illness. Mr. Lala’s narration will convince most people of the invaluable contribution of a synthesis of the mind and body which we all can bring to bear in times of physical stress. I am certain that Celebration of the Cells will provide much needed confidence, composure and comfort to those afflicted and to their families.

- Praful Desai, Professor Emeritus and former Director, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.

Mr. Lala addresses us all, the healthy and the sick alike, urging us to let go of fear and celebrate life.
- Dr. S. H. Advani, from his Foreword.

The first part of the book deals with the author’s experiences and how he met with the situation time to time as it arose.

The Second part deals with sources of strength within which include, among others, a Journey to a Faith, Streams of Silence, Cultivating Joy, Laughter and Humour, A Sense of Purpose and Prayer and Healing.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India calls it “very inspiring”.

The book can be read for FREE over here:


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    Thank you for this link. Free is good since money has become an issue. Glad to hear this book is good.