Info about surgery and rehab

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Hi There. I am going for a hysterectomy - done laprascopically (sp?).

I'm just wondering what to expect, how I will be and what my mobility will be like. Any idea how long I would be off work, not able to care for myself, my kids, etc.

Dr said I would be in hospital for about 2 days.

Should I be cooking for the next few weeks and freezing?? How long before I can clean the house, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help. I do not have ovarian cancer, I am on the thryoid ca and breast ca least as far as I know I don't have it...large cysts are the reason for the surgery. Just had a uterine biopsy done & waiting for results...

I apprecaite any advise you can give me, so I can be prepared. I'm a need information type of person, so all is welcome. I am also pre-menopausal so this will be a big change for me.



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    I don't know if anyone here
    I don't know if anyone here had a lap procedure when they had the big H done. Actually, I had a partial hyst years and years ago, but it was done vaginally. Recovery time was 6 weeks, but I spend a solid week in the hospital. I have no idea what you might expect from the "light" version of the hysterectomy surgery, but I imagine it will be much easier than the 14 inch incision they typically use on us OC girls.

    Bless you, girl. One cancer diagnosis is bad, but two must really suck.

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    I have a friend who had a
    I have a friend who had a laparascopic hysterectomy recently. I believe she was back at work within 2 weeks, so it's not too bad.