1st chemo scheduled

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Hi Ladies !! I went to my onc yesterday. I have my first chemo with carbo/taxel scheduled for next Tuesday @ 8:30 a.m. I am a little nervous, but feeling strong and ready to take it on. I just don't know what to expect, and everyone is different. I love reading posts and advice on different topics. All you guys are so helpful. I had a whole list of questions for my onc, and he sat right there and answered every single one. He is so great !! I found a place in Louisville, KY that does the HIPEC with a Dr. Robert Martin. I called them today, and they are going to call me back tomorrow with a oncology nurse who can answer my questions. My onc told me to do what feels right for me, and he would be happy for me to go wherever. Has anyone actually gone through this treatment yet ? I have a few questions. Does IV therapy go along with this treatment ? Since I have had my surgery already, but no chemo therapy as yet, does that mean I couldn't have this procedure ? My CT was clear, and they did bloodwork yesterday. Don't know any results yet, but they are planning on me keeping my appt. unless I call to cancel. I plan to watch the webinar tonight on the HIPEC procedure. Maybe it will answer a few of the questions I have.
The onc gave me a whole packet of info to read, and it was helpful. I found a local chapter for ovca here, and they are having a meeting tonight. I think I may go just to be around other ladies who have also been there. Thanks for all the info. Jackie


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    Jackie, let us know how
    Jackie, let us know how things are going. We are rooting for you.
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    Thinking of you
    Hi Jackie,

    I can't give you any info about the HIPEC, have only had the carbo/taxol till now. I know that everyone's different in how they experience the side effects. I've been very lucky, ony hair loss, which is growing back. Next month or so I'll have a PET scan, my first.

    Sounds like you have a lot of good support which is great.

    Your attitude and your resourcing yourself as you are doing will all work in your favour.

    Good luck with it all.