Elevated PSA follow up

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Hello again: I still need some wisdom and guidance with respect to addressing my re-occuring cancer. I have been told that I definatly have cancer again?? I have a really big concern. That is, where is it in my body and why do my Dr's. want to attack the prostate bed only. If it's not there they have only added to my complications and still have not removed the cancer or reason for the continued elevated PSA scores. Is there any possible way to determine more clearly where the intervention (Radiation) should be focused. I have been told that if there was any residual cancer left from the original Prostate removal it would have developed with-in the first couple of years. I went almost 14 years of having a PSA of undetectable. My PSA started to climb very slowly over the past three years and in just the last 9 months it has taken a more significent increase. Please see my previous letter for my PSA History Chart. I am reluctant to start Radiation when there is little or no confidence as to a defined area for the cancer. I need to do something but I am really confused by the lack of any defined area. Thank you again for any advice you may offer. There is a sense of urgency by the Dr's. to start Radiation Therapy with in the next 2 weeks.


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    Find it then kill it


    Have the doctors done different scans such as a MRI, PET or bone scan to find the cancer? If it was me I would want to have the doctors do more tests to locate the cancer then treat that specific area.

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