How survivors change their view of the future: survey

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When you understood that you could look at the future again, instead of current treatments, did you change your values, goals and plans? I am working on a book to give guidance to people rethinking what they want from their future. How do I find survivors to respond to this question? Thanks. Dave Severson, Ed.D., a five year prostate cancer survivor.


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    I changed..alot
    I'd definetly say having cancer made me appreciate my life alot more. you dont really understand how precious your life is until you almost lose it. It definetly changed my plans for the future. I am more focused on just enjoying life because you never know. I am still pursueing my career as a cabinetmaker and have kept all my goals from before and have new ones too. I want to help others going through what i went through even though im still very young. When i was first diagnosed like every other cancer survivor i thought i wouldnt even live the next 2 years. so of course my plans for the future changed, instead of worrying about money and my career i started focusing on other things. hanging out with my friends more, going out to more parties, girls (once i got my hair back lol), and just enjoying life. when i realized i was gonna be on this earth for a little longer i continued to pursue my career and enjoy life more. i guess to conclude everything it made me appreciate life more an want to live life to the fullest. I am really interested in talking with you more and helping you with your book. my email is [email protected]
    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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    I'm I guess what they call a
    I'm I guess what they call a "surviving" caregiver. I went to every chemo & Dr appt with my mom and I remember the day we walked out of chemo after her last treatment. When we got to the car I remember seeing this joyous fear in her eyes and as we begun to hug eachother and cry. It was the first time I had seen a scence of hope invigorate her soul. It was that moment that she realized she has a chance at a future. It inspired all whom she came in contact with for days. Scince, she has passed, but it is that day that I choose to remember her by. I started an awareness page on Facebook called A Ribbon For All Cancers. Feel free to post your question on their as well ;there is a lady who recently wrote a book on navigating CHEMO & I am sure she would be happy to answer this question as she is a survivor. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help, it would be my pleasure
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    specific cancer boards
    I think you would have more success if you posted your question on each specific cancer type board. I don't think this one gets as much traffic as they do.