I received a "private message" on CSN-beware

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I received a pretty bizzare "private message" today from a twisted indivual(s)...see below

From: fermie
To: bdhilton
Subject: Re: discussing your cancer status
Date: June 13, 2011 - 7:07am

Many thanks for your reply.I glad you have been living healthy and cancer free since after your surgery and wish you remain cancer free the rest of your life.I am an African from west Africa.I practice traditional African herbal medicine for many years.Prostate cancer in Africa had been the most prevalent kind of cancer among Africa men.I have been successful using a herbal formula in curing many African men diagnosed with prostate.Just last year I decided to use the internet to reach out to many prostate cancer patients in foreign countries to share with them the successful job am doing and to help those who might be interested in giving my treatment a trial.

All patients I have cured with my formula are locals,but just last year,a 65 years old man living in Bangkok Thailand who was diagnosed with prostate cancer contacted me by email after he received my message,he indicated his intention to try my herbal formula which I did sent to him by courier few days later.

After taking my herbal formula since then,he has had 3 PSA test which in his own words had been encouraging.You are aware stories such as mine published on the internet could hardly be trusted or verified because many of such claims and stories of success in alternative medicine are fabricated,untrue and only intended by dishonest individuals to sell unproven products or possibly defraud the sick and suffering while offering them nothing.

For this very reason,I decided to include the contact address of the 65 years old in Thailand who had taken my herbal treatment so he could share his experience with anyone who cares to know more about this herbal formula.

Please find his contact bellow:
Stephen Taylor
Tau Ping Towers,
582/194 Ekamai Road,
Sukhumvit 63,
Bangkok 10110,
Tel: 66-23816621.
Mobile: 66-873294534.


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    yes, beware
    BD et al,

    I received the same message from this unknown friend. I am retired Federal law enforcement (33 years) and have seen many of these scams over the years. If he is overseas (probably N. Africa or Far East), there is little we can do although I still have a few contacts in overseas where I will refer this message. Until then, I will just ignore his message and report it as offensive.
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