I'd go sky diving

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So, I heard the song today...don't even know the title...it's about the guy that finds out he has terminal cancer and is dying..and what would you do...etc.

I started to tear up as I listened to it. Now, it's not in a bad way...we've all had that moment where we said is this going to take me? And we've all said NO! We are going to fight this terrible thing.

I'm still fighting (as so far winning) but I have to admit that 2 cancers have changed my life. I spend a lot more time just watching my kids...whether they are just playing together or if they are each doing their favorite thing...I never appreciated being here and being able to just watch them before.

I look at the big picture more now than I ever did before...so my house isn't clean...it's a home and very comfortable...my kids obviously feel so comfortable that they can leave their wrappers, socks and junk all over the house...lol. And I'm so comfortable, that I don't care anymore...ok, once a week it all gets picked up...lol.

Anyway, I just had to say to everyone, what is your favorite thing to do...

And have you done it lately?? If not, why not...just go and do it.

One of my fav's is playing with babies...at my great nephews christening today...sat on the floor and read a book to my 16mth old great niece and 8mth old great nephew...had a great time.

I will have the summer off due to needing 2 surgeries - one in July and one in August and since I just finished Rads, I am not working now. I plan to do the things around my house that I always wanted to...I will be recouperating, and I know some days I won't be able to do much, but I'm going to work on getting the most out of this time.

I just wanted to share something positive for a change, hopefully I can keep this positive outlook for a while...hope all are well.



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    Tim McGraw
    The song is "I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying" ...well, I think that's the title but it's def by Tim McGraw.

    Have it on my Ipod and listen to it alot!

    I love it too!
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    Wow. Liked the song. I just
    Wow. Liked the song. I just listened to it. Thanks for sharing.

    I haven't been doing the things I like to do. I find it challening to belong to two worlds. I am still undergoing chemo. And sometimes I go for walks and watch the birds fly and sing. I love nature. But as soon as my treatments are done - God willing - I will take every minute of my life and LIVE.

    You're right. Why don't we what we love to do?
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    And I think I will write.

    And I think I will write.
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    Watch the little ones.
    My favorite thing to do is spend time with my grand kids. Sam is 7, Joe is 4 and Ellie is 18 months. They never cease to amaze me!
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    Not usually a country fan
    Not usually a country fan but I LOVE THIS SONG. I think I cried every time I heard it on the radio.