For TJTP....stage 4 survivor story

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I cut and pasted this for you, from

I am still here after a stg 4 dx back in 1996 and had surgery...(the big H.) followed by chemo and I have had no recurrence to date. Oh I was mighty sick those first couple of chemo treatments (mostly taxol) I crawled on the floor to the bathroom as was too weak to stand and sick as a dog. UGH! Depressed ...the whole bit and I am here to tell you can come through this well. Yes you can! As long as I can be here for you all I will be. As I recently said to Helen....we spread the hope and encouragement around like butter on pancakes. lol Lots of it! A tough journey but ya know they seem to have more things now to make it some what easier with the chemo and all. Hugs and be well. Oh a little note here ...took our 2 rotties for their rattle snake vaccine shot this morning. Wouldn't it be a good thing if they had an ovca vaccine for us all? I hear tell they have been working on one. Who knows............ Jan


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    Love it!
    Carlene, thanks for taking the time to post this article for me.

    I was driving up a hill yesterday and remembered that three years ago I could jog up that hill (ten times up and down) and spent months training to climb Mt. Fuji. I achieved that goal in Aug. 2007. Once I did it I immediately stopped all that hard work. I realized that I needed to have a specific goal in my fight against ovca so I've put it in my head to make it to the year 2050. I love this life. The article makes me feel I can achieve my goal.

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    Glad Jan
    is still NED and healthy. She pokes her head in in all the message boards I'm a part of now an then to spread the HOPE, and is very active on John Hopkins board.