Vipoma - Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide - Pancreatic Cancer

My father was diagnosed with Vipoma at the age of 43. He just turned 50 a few days ago and is still fighting for his life. 1 in 10 million people are diagnosed with this rare form of cancer every year. When he started getting sick the first symptom was excessive flushing about 10-12 times per day. He lost about 5 litres of fluid every day. He then went on to taking Octreotide Acetate which has significantly helped in decreasing the flushing. He takes over 60 pills a day which includes 4 needles (Octreotide Acetate), 4 pain patches (Fentanyl)and painkillers as needed. This is 60 pills on top of needles, pain patches and painkillers. That's insane. He shocked the doctors when he lived for 1 year. He floored them when he lived for 3 years. He astonished them when he lived for 6 years and now they are just speechless at how he lived for 8 years with this rare cancer. his doctors told him he should have been dead 3 years ago and he is still fighting. He said he wanted to watch me and my sister get married, teach us how to drive and have children. I am 19 years old, I have seen more than an average adult has or will ever see in their entire life. I am a fighter just like my dad and I know that he isn't giving up anytime soon. Of course, it is wearing him down and slowly deteriorating him. He has edema in both of his legs. Edema is just water that builds up in usually your legs, feet, arms and stomach. He gets edema terribly and his legs swell up so badly. Once the swelling in his legs goes down it starts to swell up in his abdomen. It then goes down and back into his legs. He has been on every medication known to man and still nothing is treating it. Since the tumors mask themselves as other organisms and structures it is hard to tell where the tumors are. Unless the tumors are confined to one place then you can have them surgically removed. Unfortunately with the Vipoma this isn't how it works. When the vipoma tumors are found they have usually spread and it is too late to cure/treat the cancerous/malignant tumors that have already spread through the vital functioning systems like the pancreas, lungs, digestive system and the respiratory system. They have not yet found the tumors in my father but we already know it is too late as the cancer is spreading and has gone up into his abdomen, pancreas and respiratory system. If you have a similar story or want to ask a question please feel free to post. Thanks for reading.


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    my wife

    my wifes numbers are VIP 850 pg/mL <75. and they haven't been able to find the tumor either is there any thing you could help me with . we are going to the mayo clinic in jacksonville ,fl now it's been a year now and nothing