52 year old gay male with stage 4 melanoma and stage 4 liver cancer seeks friends

I have stage 4 melanoma and stage 4 liver cancer, they gave me 3 to 9 months to live, I am now going on 10 months and feel better then ever, go figure, Im back at the gym, no signs or smptoms yet, have drs stumped,

also im poz as well, im a medical mess but im a medical wander!!!! they cant figure me out, im just going with it,

drs arnt always right, always keep a good attitude and get a 2nd opinion on everything!!!!! I have 17 drs and they all say something different!!!! imagine that.

stay tough, have friends, go on with your life,

I pray everyday and I pray for all my gay brothers and sisters with cancer, it sucks!!!!! and no one can understand except other peoplle with cancer.

please share your stories with me, love to hear from you


  • jonthebay
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    Same in some ways
    Sent email to your email address first and quickie here. Also poz gay male but just found out about Lymphoma in May and only had one treatment to date 6/29/11. Just went through my hair loss yesterday!@ OMG hair falling out at the sink............what else is going to falll off?!?! LOL