Husband still smoking and drinking after cancer

puremaiden Member Posts: 1 Member
I feel at a loss, my husband is still smoking and drinking after neck dissection and total laryngectomy and partial pharyngectomy. The dr says they got all the cancer and he doesn't need chemo or radiation but he just doesn't seem to care. He thinks it won't hurt him and it is so hard for me to watch.


  • micgrace
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    It must be very hard to watch him continuing to abuse himself. My commiserations. I see a lot of the patients in the cancer ward where my wife is sneak off to have yet another ciggie while even on a ventilator. Maybe it is his way of coping with such a radical procedure.
  • Noellesmom
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    My husband had chemo and radiation and although he quit drinking about a month before diagnosis, he has continued to smoke.

    I do understand how you feel, puremaiden. It is both infuriating and heart-breaking.

    My husband says he would like to quit but I think that because it is such a strong addiction, he doesn't believe he can. Any mention of it just makes him angry.

    There's an addiction and a mind-set working against us here.

    Please take care of yourself. This is very stressful for you and you need to acknowledge that, tell him that and understand what it will likely mean for your life and his.