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June 10 is my father's birthday. But he is not here to celebrate it with me. Seven years ago he had a stroke and, while hospitalized, his doctor discovered a massive and malignant abdominal tumor. He lingered one week and died.

I still miss him and sometimes wish I could just sit down and talk to him about so many things.

Happy Birthday, Dad.



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    My Heart aches for you
    My Heart aches for you missing your dad, I can't say as I know how you feel,yet. But my thoughts and prayers are with you..
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    My Dad
    I know exactly the pain of how you feel. However, I did not lose my dad to cancer. I lost him when I was 6 years old. He died of complications from a car accident which he was paralysed from the neck down. He lived about 30 days after the accident. A blood clot that had traveled is what actually killed him. I was not allowed to see him because I was too young. He was not there for my 6th birthday and died 5 days after. He died on his sister's birthday. Wow, what a birthday present for her. I have very few if at all memories about him, but I do know that he loved my mom, sister, and me. He would have loved his grandkids if he was able to see them. I know my life would have been better if the accident hasn't happened at all. I was daddy's little girl. Up until I graduated high school, I laid in my bed many many nights crying cause I needed him and missed him. I wonder what my life would have been like if that did not happen to him. The worst of it is, I did not get a chance to tell him goodbye and I loved him. Last time I saw him, it was goodbye forever. My first and horrible experience of death at only 6 years old. Till this day, I have never forgotten the pain of that day. I only know my dad by the stories I am told. This is my story. Point is that you are not alone. My mom never re-married.
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    You can talk to him. My Dad died in 2000 from a heart attack. I still talk to him in my mind or in a journal. Sometimes, I think wouldn't Dad love this or even tell him I know he'd laugh at something or shake his head. Our loved ones never really leave us. Even if you don't believe in a hereafter, you carry them in your memories and heart. Fay
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    Hi, all
    and thanks to all of you for replying to me, and for sharing your stories. I have said it before and will again: this network is the greatest.