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what does it mean if before chemo my mom had a ca125 of 75. I thought that was low considering she has stage 4. Now she had it checked today after two chemos and it is 10. i don't think this could be accurate. can someone explain all this to me?


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    Tumor marker
    The ca125 is a tumor marker they use as an indication on how the chemo is working. I believe that anything under 30 is considered good. However, when a person has a "low" ca125, like your mother then the doctorayeay it is not a true indication they can use to see if the chemo is truely working. That is because the ca125 can run into the thousands. I've heard some people with a ca125 of 10,000. I know this because I was diagnosed with stage 3c with a ca125 of 75 also. Right now I am in treatment and after my fourth treatment it is down to 11 right now, but my doctors tell me that I really have to wait until I am done with my 6th session and see what the scans say. It is disappointing and frustrating but I feel that at least the number is going down and not up. How is your mom doing with the chemo?