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Hi All

Please advice if any one had to deal with this before.
My husband had a neck dissection in mid of april where they removed lymp nodes. Since after his surgery he has constant choking feeling, pressure against his windpipe. He feels some one is strangling his throat all the time.

He finished radiation and chemo in december 2010.

His jaw feels like a wood.This is due to neck dissection.

Please advice if there are any kind of exercises or any thing else that I can do to make him feel better.



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    wish I knew
    Roma, I think a lot of us are reading your post, wishing we had good ideas to share but we don't. The one thought that does come to me, though, is that no matter what the cancer, it seems that the patient/caregivers are never told what the side effects of intervention might be. Do push your husband's doctors to see if this as good as it gets. Ask if any type of physical therapy might help.

    My mother has had more trouble managing lymphedema, a side effect of her surgery, than getting through chemo! It strikes 30 percent of women with her cancer, but we were never told and the doctor acted surprised when she was hospitalized with complications from it.

    It took months, but we did find appropriate physical therapists who helped get the problem under reasonable management. Good luck with this day, sweetie, and take care of yourself.
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    Hi Roma,

    I bet the good folks on the H&Nc board will have ideas. Please consider posting your story there for their experienced feedback.

    Wishing you strength and better days -- Lelia