Molecular Profiling/Clearity Foundation

Christine B.
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Has anyone had experience with molecular profiling and/or the Clearity Foundation? I emailed my oncologist and here was his reply (so I think I need to get as much information about it as I can before I proceed.)

His reply:
There are many tests right now for ovarian cancer are not considered to be ready for general use because the data generated is difficult to interpret and most oncologists do not believe they can be used to guide therapy yet.

That being said, some of our patients do go out and do tests on their own (tissue can be requested from pathology).

This is a field still in its infancy, so a lot of confusion exists, hope this helps a bit.
Ladies,Thank you all so much for your prayers, hugs, and good wishes!
I had my ct scan on Monday June 6th. I called the oncologist's office this morning and was told that it takes about seven days for the doctor to get the results. I made an appt. for the 16th, hopefully the results will be in. She said the next available appt. isn't until July 15th. I'm anxious to get on with it, I've decided to keep on fighting this thing until I can fight no more!


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    Keep Fighting!
    Hi Chris,
    Great attitude! Even when you feel you can no longer keep up with the fight, you must continue to try. This dreadful disease will not and cannot get the best of us!
    Sometimes I beleive we are given certain answers by the medical profession because they too are not quite sure. I myself would much rather prefer my doctor to be honest and say, "gee I really don't know for sure" and then tell me that he/she will check it out and get back to me in a day or two. Dreamer, that's me.

    Take care of yourself.