Can anyone tell me if chemo therapy gets better?

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My sister has stage 4 stomach cancer and has begun her chemo treatments last week. She had just gotten out of the hospital after 2 weeks on Wednesday, and went right in for Chemo the next day on Thursday for 1 6 hour treatment of saline and drug mix, then a "push" treatment on Friday. She has been feelinf incredibly awful, and is REALLY hoping it gets better. My aunt who had breast cancer went through Chemo, and she said the first couple of treatments were bad, but then it got better, and after awhile, it dodn't really bother her. I am hoping you can share your experiences with me and my sister so can know what to expect. I understand that Chemo effects everyone differently, but I just want to hear others' stories about their experiences. I thank you in advance for sharing!


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    The dr should be able to manage side effects
    I honestly can't say that it gets better because the side effects are cumulative...after the first few cycles, my mom felt no difference, but as chemo continued, the side effects have become stronger.

    I think in your sister's situation, it is much different because she has had a major surgery and is still recovering from that. Her body is getting adjusted to this. So I believe it gets better as her body recovers.

    My mom was diagnosed in november 2009 and she just returned working full time. She was diagnosed stage IV mets to dist. lymph node.
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    Life after chemo. It does get better. Eventually.
    I had nine weeks of chemo, a total gastrectomy, and nine more weeks of chemo.

    The first nine weeks of chemo was like having a cold. The chemo following the surgery was really awful. The surgery takes a lot out of you which makes the chemo much more difficult to tolerate. Eventually it gets better, but it takes a long time.

    It's now been two years since my initial diagnosis. Though I am still having issues surrounding eating, I feel more healthy and vibrant than I have in many years. When you finally get through the misery of treatment life does get better. But it is not an easy road.