my grandma has pancreatic cancer and dont know how to deal please help

My Grandma has pancreatic cancer again it came back and I don't know how to deal with it and I know she is in awesome hands at the cancer center of America in Arizona. But how do I stay strong for her I am not dealing with this good at all. My boyfriend and mom both saying have acting a little Moody lately but I don't see it I build everything up and end up blowing up one day and start punching things I don't want that anymore I want to know how I can deal with this atleast some so I don't blow up and I can stay strong for my grandma.. can anyone help me please....



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    Just a suggestion
    When my wife found out I had stage 3 pancreatic cancer. She was inconsolable to say the least! My oncologist convinced her to see her doctor and explain what she was having to deal with. Long story short....Her doctor put her on anti-depressants (mild ones). Neither of us are advocates for them but, We'll both tell you they worked in helping her focus better and calm down. As the doctor told us. "This is why they have them!" She took them for about six weeks, at the most. Then she didn't need or want them any longer! By the time I had my surgery. She was my rock.

    Last but, not least, prayer!

    Like I said, just a suggestion.

    Will keep you and your family in our prayers!

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    There is Hope
    Hey Cassie,

    I understand exactly how you feel. My Grandmother was dianosed with Pancreatic Cancer and it was a rough journey for the both of us. The only real thing I can say is to ask God for strengh. Also there is a great organization called Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN) and they have superb information for patients and caregivers. You should check it out. The website is Please read the information about the PALS program...they can really help your Grandma out.

    Have a better day,