How much is a robotic prostatectomy in Atlanta?

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Having a hard time getting an answer, getting "ALL IN" costs between 35 - 55K, older posts seem too expensive (50K+) for pre-op, surgery and follow up radiation. Help please.


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    I'm sorry that you joined this club
    Treatment options depend on your initial diagnosis; that is the number of cores taken, number positive, involvement of each core and your gleason score, so if, for example surgery is want to complete the job with surgery and not have radiation....however if things are more advanced, radiation only would be appropriate without doing surgery. Or, you might even be able to delay treatment by doing Active Surveillance...there is a man on Active Surveillance where I am treated who is 35,

    You may wish to post the numbers found in your initial diagnosis.

    I'm sure that costs can be negotiated.

    Here in CA. at UCI there is a robotic surgeon that only accepts cash, no medical coverages...two and a half years ago, it was 500 for a consult, 5000 for an operation with no complecations, and 6500 with complications.(this cost is on the hign side compared with payout for medicare and other coverages)....this does not include hospital costs.

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