Question for Donna (RockchickSurvivor) re: your trial

antcat Member Posts: 270
I am so sorry to hear about your 3rd battle with ovarian cancer. I, too, seem to be fighting battle after battle. I'm sorry that you are in pain, because I know what pain feels like and on a scale from 1-10, mine was a 10 (although I'm not in pain now). I have heard about the cytoxan trial, I think it's with ABT-888. I heard it's a good trial. There's another one MK2206. I've been asking my oncologist about trials, but he said people on prior chemo aren't eligible. I've read the inclusion/exclusion criteria, didn't see anything regarding this.

What stage cancer were you originally diagnosed at? I was stage 2A. Have you had prior chemos? Where are you getting this trial? I wish you lots of good luck with the trial and looking forward to hearing from you.