Dear Eileen (EWARD)

antcat Member Posts: 270
I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Since December, being on different chemos, I have been having slight progression, they can't seem to find the right combination of drugs. So, over the last 6 months they have grown but have not invaded any other organs. It's almost like they have a long list of chemo drugs and if one doesn't work, they try another and so on. The more chemo a person is on, I think the more side effects they have. I know family tells me to keep fighting, but sometimes it gets hard. I have a wonderful gyn/oncologist and primary care physician, who are so very compassionate and understanding, but not all specialists (oncologist) are like that.

I never tried the Abraxane, just finished with Topotecan. Just had 2 cycles of it and was told it would change. I don't know if chemo really starts working after 2 cycles, but this is what they wanted to do, so I can't argue any more. I have become very active in my care, researching trials, looking up medications the onc orders and sometimes I think they don't really want people to be that much involved. I guess they feel, they're the dr. and should not be questioned, but we all have a right to question in our health care. I also think that when a person has cancer, they have a team of drs., not just one, and all doctors should be working on the same level, but that doesn't happen. There shouldn't be only 1 captain of the ship, because each physician, whether it be primary care, or gyn/onc is responsible for a different aspect of your care and at one point are all involved in a person's care.