endometrial cancer...after effects after radiation?

I just had my hysterectomy 31/2 weeks ago. I had endometrial cancer. According to my lab results after my surgery...the cancer cells had not penetrated my uterine wall. Radiation therapy has been suggested as a follow-up...just in case there are any cancer cells still in my pelvic region. I have read such horror stories of the after effects of pelvic radiation. Has anyone had a situation in making a decision similar to mine? What did you do?


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    Just finished my first treatment
    Hi i have cervical cancer papilary serous carsnoma a rare one apparently as its in my cervix.I have not had hysterectomy but have had radiotheraphy and chemo theraphy and have had good results. Yes there is side effects I had servere vomiting and gastro but I made it and I feel for me it was worth it. The tumours have redused in size and this allows me to have further treatment, There is allways anti vomit drugs they give you and anti gastro I sure do rattle lol .

    Good luck with you desicion am sure you will go great and its important to zap all them nasty cells so they don;t grow into tumours .....((((hugs ))) Donna :)
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    endometrial cancer and radiation therapy
    I'm four years post endometrial cancer. I had the tumor removed and 4 chemo treatments. I then had a series of 32 radiation treatments. Except for chemo-brain, I have not experienced any ill effects from either the chemo or radiation treatments. I consider myself very fortunate. I hope you have the same experience as I have had. My very best to you.