when where you diagnosed

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just wanting to know when you were diagnosed and what has helped you the most fighting it? My mom is gonna have a rough time since she is allergic to so many meds. She started erbitux Thursday and is starting to feel the side effects. The doctor said she would be on it the rest of her life if she can handle it....has anyone ever heard of that? What I don't understand that none of the cancer has spread to any of her organs it's only in some of her lymph nodes. Thanks and have a wonderful day my friends. You are all heroes.


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    nice to meet you. i was dx stage 3 colorectal cancer in sept.2008.did 5 weeks of radiation and xeloda.surgery to remove tumor dec.2008 with a temporary colostomy bag.5 out of 10 lymph nodes were afected.so 5 weeks after surgery had my reversal and march 2009 started chemo.folfox finished 10 treatments in july2009 and was considered NED.had my port removed in sept2009 and was letting my body heal from the poison that was put in it to kill those cells that were hanging around.had my yearly scan in janurary 2010 and colonoscopy.ALL CLEAR.had a nice life in 2010 except for having to get used to living my new normal and trying to live with severe neuropathy side effect from chemo. Janurary 2011 had my yearly cat scan.doc said it showed i had 2 spots on my liver.had a biopsy and the monster is back.i am now stage 4,went to my surgen who i had before,who did a better cat scan.i am currently fighting my battle with 3 spots on my liver and 2 on my lung.i am on iritatecan+avastin.after 4 treatments it is working.my tumors are shrinking so i am going forward with more chemo.good luck to your mom.this is an uphill battle but just tell her to fight fight fight.....Godbless....johnnybegood
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    Almost 10 years ago
    Hi fatmomma,

    I was dx'ed 8/2001 at the age of 39--Stage III colon cancer--lymph positive (2/19) and zero mets. Adjuvant chemo of 5-FU and leucovorin were advised and I declined. I, too, am allergic to many things and the chemo scared me more than the cancer so I opted out. Also, my sister had died of intestinal cancer at 33 after doing chemo/radiation--9 years prior to my own dx.

    Instead, post surgery, I used Traditional Chinese Medicine, juicing, macrobiotic diet, acupuncture, massage, yoga, prayer, exercise and a variety of other alternative modalities to heal from the cancer.

    It has worked for me so far....YAY! :-)

    What has helped me the most fighting it is researching my options, educating myself (and others), being my own health advocate and keeping to a nutrient dense regime that nourishes my body helping it to remain healthy and cancer free. It hasn't been an easy journey but it has had big payoffs. I suffer none of the chemo side effects nor do I fear any secondary cancers or chemo-induced leukemia.

    I wish your mother the best. She is very fortunate to have you advocating for her just by coming here and connecting to this community.

    peace, emily
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    Give a big hug to mom for me....
    November 2004 dx'ed stage III rectal. I was 49 years young. Sick as a dog on Carboplatin and 5FU. Radiation burns were very troubling for me, as well.

    PET scan to see where cancer had gone 'lit up' a lump in my breast I'd had mammo'ed yearly for 10 years. Oncologist said "If you survive the rectal cancer treatment, then we will treat the breast cancer." I said "Change the 'if' to 'when' and we'll get started!"

    August 2005 (6 months after J-pouch surgery removed my rectum and sig colon) started treatment stage II breast. Second primary site...not a met from the rectal. Lumpectomy and Adriamycin, Cytoxin, Taxol chemo and radiation. I was allergic to 2 of the 3 chemo's given...so, instead of switching, they just slowed down the infusion to a drip...

    July 4 this year will be 5 years post any treatment for me. I was lucky, both cancers had a total response to first treatment rounds. I have my physical changes, including a plumbing re-route, but nothing stops me from living life! As you can read from my posts, I now live in 2 countries, and travel quite a bit.

    Give my best to mom. She is lucky to have you to watch over her! If you want, ask her doctor why he says she will be on chemo forever. Then post it here, maybe someone here can help you.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    One year plus
    Was dx last year in April and had my resection April 25th.

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    Hi! I was diagnosed in Nov. of 2007. I was fortunate to be diagnosed with Stage 1 colon cancer, so I had my colon resection and did not have to do chemo. It's been going well so far!

    Praying your mom will do very well. She's lucky to have you in her corner.

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    Hi Fatmomma
    was dx in jan 1998 with st3c 6/13 nodes. Operated jan21 1998 at age 48. 12 mos of chemo , ca free since. Best wishes Ron.
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    My hubby George at age 60 was diagnosed with advanced Stage IV colon cancer, mets to liver and lungs (lots) in March, 2009. The outlook was bleak at best. He is still here, most days feels relatively good but for the fatigue and still goes into work a few days a week (he carries the health insurance). There have been ups and downs, the road gets bumpy and then smoothes out once again.

    Best wishes - Tina
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    Diagnosed 12/2/08 at age 40.
    Diagnosed 12/2/08 at age 40. Stage III B. 12 folfox5 chemos. NED still. What helped me the most is people on this board and reading a lot of books. Time of course helps you get over most things, you need time to heal, you need time to let go of the fear (not that it ever completely goes away.) You definitely don't get back up from this by accident, you get back up from it by pulling yourself up from your bootstraps. It is a process. Good luck to you and your mom.