Ovarian Cancer Stage 4

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I am just curious about a few things.

Just because you have Ovarian Cancer stage 4, does it always mean that it is incurable?
Is there anyone who has been cured from this stage who never had to do chemo again?
Is there anything out here that looks promising for a cure?

I also heard there is a new test called OVA1 that is more reliable test than the CA 125 marker they rely on. It is a test from what I understand that will allow doctors to pick up on cancer that is often missed by gyns and oncologists.
When will the OVA 1 take over the CA 125 marker test?




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    Hello Karen -

    Below are two websites that are very authoritative.

    MD Anderson Website -

    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Website -

    I'm sure there are instances of women surviving a Stage IV diagnosis. However, because Stage IV means that the cancer has spread to the lung, liver or other distant organs, the body is in a more vulnerable state.

    As to promising drugs...new therapies and drug combinations are being tested all the time. But, every woman is unique, and every cancer responds differently to different drugs. I doubt there will ever be a "single drug cures all" solution.

    As I understand it, the OVA1 test is being used prior to surgery to determine the likelihood that ovarian cancer is present, and thus whether a gynocologist/oncologist should do the surgery. Even if ovarian cancer was "ruled out" by a blood test (CA-125 or OVA1), I would still INSIST that a gyn/oncologist perform my surgery. It is only when you are opened up that the surgeons will know for sure. If it is cancer, you absolutely want an oncologist doing the debulking. If it's a regular gyn, and s/he realizes it's cancer, then it's a scramble figuring out Plan B while you are on the operating table.

    Hope this helps,
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    Stage IV survivors
    I think you will find a number of stage IV survivors on this board. I personally know a woman who had stage IV ovarian cancer 20 years ago and is healthy now. She is a naturopath, however, and incorporates a very rigid diet and lifestyle to keep the cancer at bay.