Has anyone been on Taxotere only

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Hi everyone, I'm starting my new chemo which is going to be Taxotere only. I'm scheduled for weekly for 3 weeks then 1 week off. If anyone has been on this, could you let me know how it was tolerated? Any bad side effects? I just got off of 6 months of Avastin and 2 months of Topotecan and my white blood cell count, and hemoglobin went very down. In fact, I haven't received chemo since 5/20 (because I was due a rest week) and my hemoglobin and white blood cell still went down. I'm hoping next week when I start Taxotere they go up. I don't understnd why the cancer center I go to doesn't give something to boost a red or white blood cell count. I have become very active in my care and treatment and I have really come to the conclusion that some doctors just don't like a person getting involved in their treatment. I guess they feel they're the "doctor". But, that doesn't always make them know more than a person, at least that's the way I feel. I'm going to keep doing my research, keep reading our discussion posts and keep bringing this to the doctor's attention.



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    Changed to taxotere from taxol
    I was changed to Taxotere from Taxol because of complications due to neuropathy from the Taxol. Although the two drugs are in the same family the taxotere is synthetic and is given in lower doses. There is suppose to be less possibility of an allergic response from it so it can be administered more quickly 1-2 hrs versus 4-6 hrs and causes less neuropathy. My onocologist prefers it to Taxol. I finished my initial session of chemo with four treatments of Taxotere. It was doable. During administration I received decadron, benadryl and zofran. I was prescribed a steroid twice daily for 3 days following treatment.
    My worst days were always days 3-5. Thats when I would have back aches and flu like symptoms. No nausea. I made sure I kept up my fluid intake. My hair much of which I retained during Taxol (just didn't want to give up over the winter : ) went, along with my eyelashes and most of my eyebrows. My WBC count only stayed up because I was on Neupogen daily starting the day after chemo for 3-4 days. I was on this drug rather than the longer acting injectable Neulasta which does the same thing because it gave me so much pain it almost crippled me. I ended my treatment on Feb 7 th and so far so good...I go back next week for reassessment.

    The effects of the drug are cumulative and the last dose causeed me finger and toe pain lasting almost 2 weeks. My finger tips hurt to keyboard and I thought I might loose my nails. I would equate it to having clothpins on the end of each fingertip. I tried to minimize typing during this time. Three months later it does appear that I will loose at least one toe nail but the new nail is right underneath. Susan