GBM - new symptom severe blistering rash

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Wanted to know if anyone else out there with a loved one with GBM has experienced a severe blistering rash with yellowish pus on upper torso and back. Dad has been through his first round of treatments with chemo and radiation, and is about to begin the next phase of chemo Temodor, 5 days on, 23 days off. Still waiting for the doctors to schedule next C-Scan to see if any changes in tumor. Issues with steroids, was weaned off and had to be put back on.. also has developed diabetic issues from steroids and is on insulin 2 x per day.


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    your Dad
    what are the doctors saying about the rash.Has it turned into a staph infection? Its common for the blood sugars to go up with steriods, it should go down again when they lower the dose or discontinue it. We have not got off the decadron yet either. She is down to 4 mg a day. She tried to get her weaned of a few weeks ago but that didnt work.
    When did he complete the radiation? I think the doctor did my sister MRI a little early 26 days after radiation stopped. The five day temador is suppose to start Monday if the platlet stay up.
    Hope the rash gets better.
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    His physician....if the rash is on one side of his body it could be shingles...but he needs to be seen to determine what it is and what's causing it...

    Wishing all of you the best.