mom couldnt handle all attention .. sooo she ran over my dads foot!

haha - just thought id share.. perhaps it would bring a smile to someone having a bad day!

yes i do mean a smile because luckily we are laughing about it now!

My mother accidentally ran over my dads foot in her SUV! Yes very scary at first but he is very lucky and very intact and we certainly have gotten a nice chuckle out of it. all tests negative .. just a nice tire mark on his calf and a nice laceration. no broken bones or tendons! very lucky!

My poor mom so upset with her diagnosis and now almost killed her husband haha

im sure the jokes will fly for years

have a good night all, and a better tomorrow for all of us!


  • Pam M
    Pam M Member Posts: 2,196
    Thanks for the chuckle. Glad Dad's OK
  • Skiffin16
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    Leg Up
    Was he trying to get a leg up on her.....

    LOL, sorry for the added drama in their lives, but I'm sure it lightened the mood once everything turned out well.

  • Hondo
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    Laughter is good for the soul

    There is a lot to be said about laughter but the best thing is that it is a great healing tool as well, just stay away from Dad’s feet.

    I love to laugh it makes my hold body feel good.