CBS News in Atlanta will be doing a segment on EC tonight at 11:00 P.M.

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Today myself, and some friends, my 2 stepsons and Sandy1943 and her daughter and 3 grandchildren were in Atlanta at Govenor Deals office to have the photo op for April being declared EC awareness month in Georgia.
It was wonderful meeting Sandy and her family. They are lovely people and hopefully we will get to know each other much better. She looks terrific as a survivor of this BEAST.

Anyhow I had met a lady on the Mourning Dawns website who knows a newscaster from Atlanta.
She contacted her and the news team is on their way to my house to do an interview with me on Vince and his fight with EC. I don't know if this will be broadcast anywhere else. I rather doubt it but anyone living in Georgia may be able to get it tonight at 11:00 on CBS news.

This will help to get the word out on this cancer.

Thank you

Barb Rizzitello


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    Thanks for getting the message out

    Thanks for getting the message out in Georgia. The more people who understand how important it is to not take acid reflux lightly, the more chance we can have more early diagnosis and better outcomes. I tried writing the governor of South Carolina but no luck. Maybe next year.

    It is wonderful that you have helped many people have access to information that may save a life.

    We are proud.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
    McCormick, South Carolina