Our oldest son and his family came in for the weekend

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Our son, his wife, grandson almost 11 and grandaughter 8 going on 16 all arrived from Maine Sat around noon. We had a suite rese4rved for them at our local Hampton Inn...with a sweet indoor pool..which we all used. We were out there last July.

Tom's chemo treatment that he started in Jan...taxol and carboplatin has left him with sensory periphal neurophy...one mnorning he could barely walk. He got 5-6 weeks off and we went to Vegas...now he is on taxotere every week..instead of the other cocktail every three weeks. I called his onco and she set up an appointment with a neurological oncologist....put him on neurotin and gave a script so he could go to PT. Same gal that did my knees. It's been remarkable the change. But he is a fiend about doing his exercises twice a day no matter what.

He saw from his Vegas trip that going to Maine this summer would be really difficult..walking any distance etc.

The "grands" were delightful. They are extremely well behaved yet are still normal kids...they adored our dogs..they have a standard poodle..even our old girl got her pets and cookies and our granddaughter laughed at her doggie hot pants..yep she's that old.

I had plenty of markers etc for them...they walked the dogs and we went swimming every day actually twice a day...yesterday the weather was awful...indoor pool who cares...today from 50 degrees to 92..awful hot...back to the pool. The whole family loves to swim...both boys were high school swimmers and I could live in the water...and yep I swim...hair wet and all...

They went to mass with us at noon yesterday and even though the kids don't go to church, they were great. Our granddaughter said, there's a lot of kneeling and standing and I don't know when...told her not to worry she's doing fine...our Father can do mass in 45 mins...and he did...

Tom enjoyed having the kids here, so did I...no cooking, we just went out to eat...and had snacks here...easy for me.

It just dawned on me sadly...they might not see him again..we all know that ec has it's own mind never mind what we want. So it made a bit bittersweet for the adults..

But it's living in the Now that counts...the future whatever it will be, will come...



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    so glad you had this family time
    Dear Jan,
    Your last words say it all,living in the Now, so wise. Family is everything and it sounds like a beautiful family time while everyone can take part and be together. Hope they have some answers about the neuro symptoms. Will keep all of you in my prayers, stay strong. I have 13 and 14 yr olds and still can't get them to go to Mass with me!! Glad they went and shared that with you all. take care,
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    Thanks for the update, Jan
    It's good to see you posting. I wonder about Tom all the time, as he and I have the same diagnosis, and probably the same prognosis. I hope that now he is just on the one drug, his symptoms will subside, and Maine for the summer will be back on the agenda.

    I don't have any grandchildren yet, and the hope of "someday" is slowly fading, but my son and his long time partner are spending a part of the summer with us and will be here in a few weeks. I hope once she gets through med school, my chances at granny-hood will go up ;-)

    You and Tom have my continued good wishes.

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    Jan, So glad you all had
    Jan, So glad you all had such a wonderful time with the family. Sounds like a nice relaxing time, swimming and eating out. I'm fortunate to have my children and grands all living within an hours drive, so I get to see them often.

    No matter what the future brings, this weekend will be in the memory bank to look back on with fond memories.

    Praying with the current therapy and PT, Tom will be able to get around better.

    You're right, living in the NOW is what counts.

    praying, Sandra