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Anybody hear about this treatment.? I just found out about it after my treatment ended and hair started to grow back. Maybe I would of tried it.WWW.Rapunzelprodject.com or on facbook.Kenraprofessionalrapunzelprodject


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    This sounds wonderful. I
    This sounds wonderful. I recall some folks keep their hands in cold water during chemo and I read about not using hot, hot water while on chemo. This idea sounds great. Too late for me but great for others.
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    While I was at my chemo session I met a teenager who had had this being done. she had what looked like wrestling head gear on her head. her mom would change it every 15 minutes with another one. finally curiosity got the best of me and I asked what she was doing and she explained that she was able to keep all of her hair during chemo while using this head piece. she only had to have it done during therapy itself. she kept a cooler filled with dry ice to keep them cold. she still had a full head of hair and she was in her 6th session. she was a senior in high school and wanted to go to the prom with her hair.
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    It's my understanding that
    It's my understanding that cold caps/ice on fingers work because it stops circulation in that area. In other words it keeps the chemo poison away from that spot of your body. The idea behind chemo is that it chase down any stray cancer cells that might be anywhere in your body. So, like all things medical, one would have to weigh the risks vs the benefits and then make that personal decision.


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    I agree with Linda. I
    I agree with Linda. I learned about this before I started chemo, and decided for the chemo to hit everywhere.
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    I agree. We all need to
    I agree. We all need to make the decision about what is right for us. I looked into this and decided it was not worth it for me. I needed/need to know I did EVERYTHING I could to defeat the beast.