Pain after Taxol

lulu1010 Member Posts: 367
I just finished with carbo/taxol and have quite a bit of body aches especially in my back. How long does it take for that to go away or does it ever go away?


  • clbsews
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    I would recommend you give a call to your nurse/doctor and ask them for their opinion.

  • Vel
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    I have had 2 sets of this carbo/taxil then had a allergic reaction to the carbo so only recieved taxil. The pain does evenutally go away. I just finished my last treatment on May 11 and have been feeling good.
    The pain after chemo day lasted for about a week then I started feeling human again!!
  • MaxRudy
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    taxol pain
    I was talking to a lady who is doing the carbo/taxol regimen (like me) for ovca and she said her dr gives her glucosime during the chemo treatments to avoid this. She said that the gllucosime doesn't work after chemo....then might have to go with neurotin or something like that. (I'm just repeating what she said)

    I am 1/2 way thru my chemo and have to take nupregen shots to boost my wbc. That gives me joint pain and one time gave me tremendous back pain for 2 days. I am going to mention the glucosime addition to my Doctor along with my chemo and see what she says.