much needed support to stand strong for what's to come for Little Rio:(

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I would like to speak to some wilm's survivors out there. can u pls tell about your stories of how your treatments were like and their side affects. I'm terrified as I look forwarf to this coming wed when they want to start my little 3 year old on Chemo not sure for how long yet. Terrified of how she will react to this treatment. what I don't understand is, how can something so devastating and hazardous to the body, help with her cancer?? so confused. in Jan of this year she had a left nephrectomy done and they removed all of left kidney. everything else was clear stage 1 fav hist. we skipped chemo onnly in her best interest and now 4 months later after continued checkups they saw something in her right lung smaller than 1 inch. CT scan told doc something def is there that shouldn't b. Neddle biopsy was done and today we got the horrible news we did not want to hear. Doc said it seems like it's wilm's again and no cell changes which tell him that chemo has a very good chance to kick butt. I feel wrong for not have started chemo right after surgery. I just thought that it only made sense to boost the immune system instead of distroying it. Now I feel horrible for my decision,yet I know I must move on threw our path that has been decided for us. Pls...can anyone tell me how worried I should really be of chemo?? Survivors of Wilm's pls...tell me how it was for u or anyone close to u that u know of. much. A WORRIED AND CONFUSED MOTHER OF LITTLE RIO


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    How frightened you must be.
    How frightened you must be. Having this affect your child is very stressful. I don't know where you live, but ask lots of questions and are there any support groups you can join in the area
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    The best place to find other
    The best place to find other Wilm's tumor survivors is a childhood cancer site. St. Baldrick's Foundation could put you in touch with them. Good look to your little one, I'm sure she will do well.