Astrocytoma III caused by cranial radiation 26 years ago--anyone have similar case?.

connsteele Member Posts: 232
Our son has been diagnosed with a high grade astrocytoma (grade III or IV, the docs aren't sure, or at least they won't say). It has occurred in the same spot where he had cranial radiation for a medulloblastoma when he was 8, which was 26 years ago (he is now 34). The docs have been pretty open about saying that it is caused by the previous radiation. He is just finishing up his first week of radiation. The radiation doc said that there was a greater risk of radiation necrosis if our son was given the regular dose of radiation, so the dose he's getting is 2/3 the normal dose given for this diagnosis.
Has anyone else out there received a second bout of cranial radiation, and if so, how did it go? Thanks.