New to site- SIRT, chemo and cirrhosis

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I'm new to the site. My Dad who is 77 had colon C surgery in 2009 with 2 mets to the liver. He did chemo and 2 treatments of SIRT which killed the tumors. We later found he could have had resection but was mis advised. He developed ascites within the last 6 months and now has two new tumors. We are looking for options now. He has cirrhosis so the surgery is out. I dont know where the cirrhosis came from - either the SIRT or the chemo. Drs don't say much. We could do SIRT again,but if it caused the cirrhosis then I dont want to do that. If it was the chemo, then Im afraid of that. I dont want to risk any function that he might have. Has anyone had experience with this? We couldtry TACE but thats directed chemo too. What abiut cyberknife or nanoknife? Any insight to any of this would be appreciated.


  • Annabelle41415
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    Sorry to hear about your father. I'm not sure about your dad's situation, but maybe someone else on the board could help you. Good luck to your dad.

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    I'm sorry I can't help with your questions. Just wanted to say I'm praying things go well for your dad.

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    Welcome to the forum. Iam glad you are there for your Dad. Sorry, I don't have any info about the prcedures you asked about.
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    Sorry to hear your dad is having problems. I would get a second opinion from another doctor. It doesn't seem like you're getting any answers or direction from your oncologist. I wish you the best.