stick to your guns--advocate for yourself

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When my sister was finally diagnosed with UPSC IVB (after almost a year of CT's, PET's, MRI's and general incompetency) I realized that although she was asymptomatic, I had a few of the symptoms. I decided to check in with my gyn and ask for a more thorough exam to address my concerns. First I had to speak to her nurse about the nature of my request, and every concern I had ( breast cancer survivor who used tamoxifen for many years, painful intercourse, unusual discharge, some bloating) was cavalierly dismissed by her. She ended up telling me that I could have any test I wanted if I was willing to pay for it. Her attitude alone made me determined to find another gyn. I am a mature, intelligent woman and did not appreciate being treated so dismissively. My new gynecologist listed to my concerns and ordered a trans vaginal test. It came back that the lining of my uterus is abnormally thick--even for a post menopausal woman. I will be having a D&C done next month (wish it could be sooner). I am not (mostly) too concerned about the outcome--just happy to be doing what I need to do to keep on top of things and rule stuff out.
My advice: it's your body, follow up on your instincts. When I had a breast lump that was suspicious for cancer, a needle biopsy came back negative. My surgeton said I could just keep a watch on it or I could have surgery. I opted for surgery. The biopsy after surgery revealed that it was cancerous. I'm 11 years out (after chemo and radiation) and happy I pursued my gut instincts.
best to all of you brave women,


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    You are so right. We do have to stand up for ourselves. My experience with my Gyn after several visits and my concerns about spotting, she finally decided to do a biopsy in her office. I am going to side tract a bit---my visits with her was wait in the second waiting room for about half an hour and then she would come an see me for not more than 2 minutes. Anyway, immediately after the biopsy she looked at the sample and she said to me this does not look good. Two days later my life changed - endometrial cancer. Then she said to me 1-2-3 hysterectomy you are done no chemo nothing you are done. Second opinion - immediate surgery stage 1a grade 3 MMMT a rare and very aggressive cancer. 6 sessions of carboplatin. I am now NED 15 months post chemo. So yes, we do have to fight for ourselves. Even after surgery, no one can advice you on nutrition, again we have to battle for ourselves. Thanks again!! Good health to you. June