Boss and FMLA benefit

Donna, I've been thinking about you and your new boss situation. Being on FMLA can/does set a different mindset at my work. I still have the same Web Director as when I was Dx a year ago. As soon as my treatments were finished, she held a party at her house in my honor. Because of all this I know they stand behind me. Co-workers/boss/director don't understand the long-term side affects that chemo patients deal with. Heck, we didn't know we would have these long-term side effects either. We all wanted to believe it was over when the treatments were over too and celebrate as if we're done, healed, back to normal!

So I was thinking...Request a 1:1 meeting or coffee break with your new boss and share your experiences and what life was like then, and what life is like "living with lymphoma".
I give less updates to the Web Director, but I give more frequent updates to my supervisor.
I try to keep the communication open with co-workers & have a few who support me 100% and will hopefully speak on my behalf when I am not here.

this whole thing is a balancing act of a new type of communication and IS work also, but I hope the extra work of communication will help in the long run, because we don't know how long we'll need FMLA or when our new 'normal' will be. As you are now experiencing it's not yet, so hang in there.

I hope this helped. but if not, at least know that I DO understand what you're going through.
Janelle =D big smile!