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has anyone gotten necrotic tissue from radiation and is that bad


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    Old Post but helps to know about long term radiaition


    I had to take Radiation twice to the same place because of recurring NPC cancer. I am now right at 10 years passed and suffer for all king of radiation side effects even necrotic which have eating about 70% of my soft palate. I now have a big hold where the soft palate use to be. I am unable to eat or swallow anything by mouth and will live on a PEG tube for the rest of my life. But it is not so bad, I could be dead or having a tube running out of my nose or mouth.


    God Bless you all who might come to read this post.




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    So sorry. .

    So sorry you are dealing with so much. I had sqamous cell carcinoma in a tumor at the base of my tongue & 40 lymph nodes at the right side of my neck. 2 surgery's & 30 days radiation. Last November & stopped eating & lost 65 ponds total. Just got the feeding tube out and trying to enjoying life again. Just had a checkup and all cancer is gone!  Good luck to you, sending healing thoughts your way. May your days be good! Peace