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Hi all:

Been globe trotting again. I went last weekend to my great nephew's high school graduation (the grandson of my brother that passed away in Oct.) and then came home on Sunday and left Monday for Hilton Head! My best friend's older son owns a condo there and she and her husband were going and another couple was supposed to go with them but business caused them to have to back out but because he travels so much they had a room at the Holiday Inn booked for Mon and Tues nites or they would lose it and it was free so I took advantage of it on Monday and Tuesday night as my best friend's son, wife and little boy were at the condo from Sun to Thursday. We came home yesterday and then this coming Friday I leave for Chatt. to pick up my sister and go to Lexington Ky for a cousin's son's wedding! Then I'll be home for awhile! It has been good as I'm having a little difficulty emotionally right now. Don't know if it's because about this time last year everything with Charlie starting happening and what would have been our 36th anniversary is coming up on June 28 (I'm helping out with VBS that week at our church) and our birthday on July 27 (remember we had the same birthday) and it's not just that it'll be his birthday and not here but it's my birthday too. However I have told our friends that we always get together with on each other's birthday and go to Provino's (birthday dinner free) that I still want to do that! It was 9 months yesterday since Charlie passed away and it certainly doesn't seem like it.

Also, I got a call from my doctor on Thursday while at HH letting me know that I needed to have a breast ultrasound as my mammogram results just couldn't see everything and no big deal. The letter I got from the mammogram place just said that it showed a finding that warranted further imaging studies for a complete evaluation. So will call tomorrow to schedule that. Say a prayer for me as I know y'all will. And no, I'm not a basketcase about it as you see I'm not a basketcase when it comes to me; just about Charlie and people very close to me! Anyway will keep y'all posted. It's good to be home and I had quite the welcoming committee when I got here with Rowdy and Sammy as you can well imagine! Take care and God Bless!

Jan (Basketcase)


  • Hondo
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    Hi Jan
    Sounds like you have been traveling quite a lot, but is good for you so keep it up, also glad to see you took advantage of the Holiday inn deal that was very nice. I know without Charlie your birthday celebration will not be the same this year, but it will someday when you both meet again. I got you in prayer for the mammogram so keep us up on how you are doing.

    All the best
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    Thoughts and Prayers
    Hi Jan, you are always included in my thoughts and prayers...