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Roby had his APR surgery on Monday and had to have another surgery yesterday to repair part of the incision. I think he's doing better of course he's "Mr. Gloom and Doom". I've been with him everyday all day, I was going home at night (35 miles away) now I'm staying in a motel a block away so I could stay with him longer.
Now for the vent, he makes me feel guilty when I leave at night. I'm exhausted sitting in that chair all day and taking phone calls and making sure he's getting what he needs. Oh well I gotta sleep sometime ya know.
Then I get these phone calls from family and friends checking on him and I don't know how I'm suppose to sound but everyone keeps saying I sound so calm, I guess it worries them. Am I suppose to be in tears? I try to stay positive for Roby, someone has to be.
Ok, I feel better because I know you guys get it.

Have a great night.


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    I so totally understand
    My husband does the same thing if I leave him alone in a hospital to go take care of anything. The one thing I can think of to take a little of the stress of of you is if you have a friend/family member you can update once or twice a day w/your husband's condition and have everyone else call them. You can explain this as wanting time to just be with your husband w/o having to constantly b on the phone. As far as being told u souns so calm, I completely get it...if one more person tells me they don't know how I cope, because they couldn't......I think I'll either slap them, or scream! LOL
    Keeping u in my prayers!