24yr survivor

2blessed4stress Member Posts: 6
I am a 24 yr survivor from a Sarcoma. My cancer have been in remission since 1986 but the amount of Chemotherapy and Radiation l took was extensive and it cause me to have alot of female problems that still today i am still dealing with. Recovering from a surgery now that cause them to take out my only ovary and now I cant have kids. I am blessed and thankful for my life and I don't want to complain to much and I can say I am pretty much a strong woman but this last surgery and the fact I can't have kids is really taking a toll on me. I cry cry cry. I have always wanted kids and for me to go into surgery to have a cyst removed and wake up to knowing my only ovary had to removed is just heartbreaking. When I was 16 my other ovary had to b removed because of a over larger cyst and then on top of that i am having females problems due to the damage the chemotherapy n radiation done. When I 1st was made aware of these problems there was nothing a Dr in Fla could do. According to them, the problems I was having never had to be addressed because usually some one with my illness don't make it to live my age so everything they would do was like an experiment. My story goes on and on and i never really worried about Cancer,not even when I was lil and the Dr hv me a certain time to live, I always felt this sense that everything was gonna be ok and you would think me being in remission should be enough and like I said I'm grateful for that but right now I feel as if um having a nervous break down at any time. To go through some your entire life and it not get ny better(and I don't mean the cancer,the after effect)it is devastating and for once in my life I feel I have no control.