The Product of the day is: Breakfast Products.....Maple syrup and cereal

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Did you know that there are 210 calories in 1/4 cup of Aunt Jemima Original Mapple Syrup? Given that there are now over 120 fluid ounces of Maple syrup in the house, that's over 12,000 calories....We also have every variety of breakfast cereal you could imagine...With the eggs, and all this, I have decided to throw a community brunch this weekend......I have been here since 10am.......not much to do.....Mom is upstairs watching TV..she let me know that her gyn/onc called this am and let her know that she would NOT be getting chemo next week and that she wanted to examine her.....her favorite pastor called shortly afterwards, and she talked about how all she wants to know is that she's ok.....I overheard her talking about us kids and how come she doesn't understand why we are all acting the way we are....She says she's never seen my sister like this, I sometimes just take things head on, which can be awful sometimes, and sometimes not, and that she's not sure she's ever going to hear from my brother.....Oh dear.....I think we are all trying so hard, and to the best of our ability and clearly we are letting her down....not sure what to do now......I think I will go have some waffles......Hope you are all having a good day....surrounded by those you love....


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    your posts are making me hungry
    eggs cereal, maple syrup yum . I am coming for brunch. Hope your mom is having a good day and can eat some of your delicious cooking. Hope her Dr. appointment goes well next week and maybe chemo will be in the future....val
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    Your posts make me laugh and
    Your posts make me laugh and sometimes the same time. Your strength and ability to work through what is a terribly hard time amaze me.

    I like my eggs scrambled, is there bread for toast? LOL