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Okay Y'all,
I have a few questions and I'm new here. I just posted about 5 days ago for the first time. here goes:

1. does scar tissue light up on PET scan?
2. Can scar tissue and inflammation grow or get bigger over time?
3. What are dead cells, and is that good or bad?
4. are PET scans reliable months after surgery and radiation? s
Thanks and I look forward to replies


  • Hondo
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    Hi Kim
    Good Questions

    1. Yes PET Scans can light up scar tissue, as in my case this happens regular.
    2. No to the best of my knowledge on scar tissue. And yes to inflammation
    3. I have a lot of dead cell left over from the radiation in my nasal passage it hurts nothing being there; it is just there dead tumor.
    4. PET Scans do have what is called a false positive; the only sure way to know is by doing a biopsy.

    This is my take others may have a different opinion, just hope you get the needed info you are looking for.

    Have a safe day
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    I know a little about #4
    PETS are reliable 75% percent of the time at finding cancer or not finding cancer. The other 25% is usually divided in not finding it when it's present or thinking it found it when it's not. Your generally injected with radioactive sugar which the cancer finds yummy.
    The tests measures amount of sugar attracted to the site. It has a bottom size parameter of around 9mm (can't find tumors much smaller reliably). I don't know the top size. Rad doctors love to use the head scan from the tests for setting up your radiation fields to be precise with the radiation treatments.
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    1.... yes very much so

    1.... yes very much so

    2... scar tissue will grow ever so slight that you would not be able to tell. I was told it take approx. 7 years to fully develope which explains why it hurts somewhat. All the pair associated with scar tissue I had from radiation and surgery went away after 8-9 years.

    3.... dead cells are good when it is cancer dead cells. radiation kills booth good and bad cells. dead cells on my silva gland on other side of neck is bad for sure.

    4... so many times the doctors say lets wait 6-8 weeks and do another scan to see if there are changes either way for the good or bad. most of the time i hear for the good.

    welcome to CSN, you will get priceless information and support here from so many survivors.