Chemo back on!

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I never thought I'd be happy to get my folfox6 but after a week off, I'm glad to get back on track. My platelets were 149, double from last week. It was a relief that I cam bounce back yet. My white count is still little low. Any suggestions for raising it, vitamin C or zinc? My onc reduced my oxaliplatin by 25% to reduce the neuropathy and keep my blood counts from dropping as much. I am official one third of the way through now.


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    Keep up he good attitude
    Keep up he good attitude Sandy! Eat a balanced diet is the best advice.

    My thoughts are with you!
    Best Always, mike
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    Low White Blood Cell Counts
    HI: I get Neulasta injections the day after the 5fu pump comes off. They are expensive if you're not covered (in Ontario $2500/injection). LUckily I am. Some people have reacted to the shots with aches and pains but I haven't had that experience.