Rash results/Treanda

Had my onc visit Monday.He feels the Treanda should be out of my system and had no clue why I still have this itchy rash(5mos).So he sends me to a dermatologist close to his office for a biopsy.O.K. the Dermatologist did a punch biopsy and called today with the results.Said the rash is a chemical reaction -he feels from Treanda.Guess what no antidote just keep using everything that to date has NOT worked and it will eventually clear up.Then he said he called my onc and told him he could "resume the Treanda".Are you kidding me I'm thinking!!I told him no way I'm through with that drug after all this.The other major problem was when my knee swelled after treatment.Got the scan report and it says:advanced chondrcalcinosis with intraosseous lipmoa lateral tibial plateau.I think what it's saying is it's a calcium pyrophoshate crystal deposition disease with a (tumor) lesion.This can come from injury-radiation or chemicals.So with all that said folks all I can say is I never had these problems before Treanda so buyer beware....I'm so ticked at this point that they give us these drugs and have nothing to counteract them.Nice! Thanks for listening,Michele Dx95 FNHL3