Does anyone know if there are any long term effects from neupogen shots? I know there is paing while taking the shots, but I was wondering if anyone experiences pain after finished with chemo & neupogen shots? I was reading on the net that some people experience joint pain long after finishing the injections.


  • cookingirl
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    Hi - I've been taking 6 neupogen shots a month for the past year for low white counts while on chemo. Just ended chemo April 13 and counts are still low, but they're hoping they'll now come back on their own with more shots. I didn't have any pain from them but the last few weeks I've had severe joint and muscle pain in my left arm from elbow to shoulder. Didn't know what to blame that on, but perhaps it's the effect of so much neupogen in my body after a year? Interesing question but I don't have an answer. Will ask my Oncy. next time I see him. Are you currently taking the shots? Fran
  • Tracie1981
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    I took the neupogen and the neulasta shots, they alternated with me because my counts never were good. I had a lot of aches and pains for about 4 months after all my treatments were over, the only problems I have now are stomach issues. God Bless, Tracie