Anyone taking Bioidentical hormones while recovering?

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DX June 21, 2010 - rectal cancer Stage II T3-N0-M0 - Rad/Chemo summer of 2010, surgery Nov 3 with ileostomy, more chemo (Xeloda) Dec 10-April 10. April CT scans looked very good. Reversal surgery scheduled for next week. I have about 3cm left of my rectum and a J-Pouch out of the Sigmoid Colon. I have been taking bioidentical hormones throughout this process stopping last summer during chemo and radiation and also stopped for surgery last Nov.

My question is: has anyone had this experience using hormones and kept using the creams through reversal surgery and recovery? Of course my surgeon says to go off all hormones a week before surgery. My family doctor is adamant they will aide in my recovery and insists I keep using them. There would be no question if I was taking synthetic hormones as I would go off them immediately but I'm using natural progesterone cream and estrogen cream (called Tri-est) as well as hydrocortisone pills. I've read plenty on the internet but the bioidentical hormone doctors say stay on them and the cancer doctors say stop before surgery. Any personal experience out there?


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    I thought I'd read somewhere
    I thought I'd read somewhere that steroids can interfere with healing. I'd definitely wean from the hydrocortisone before surgery if that's an option.

    Regarding the Tri-est: I don't know. Ask your gyn, as s/he's a surgeon, and would know best if they would interfere with healing.

    Just some thoughts...