Roby's surger

Surgery was yesterday, lasted a little longer than they had thought it would. Could not remove all of tumor, removed anus now has permanent colostomy. We will have to get with onc to get a plan together possible radiation and more chemo for sure. Doc said liver looked good cancer has not spread.
He's doing well, Doc said he was a little ahead of the game. He was up twice today walking.

I'll post again when possible.
Have a great week.


  • lisa42
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    good news
    Hi Diane,

    I'm glad to hear Roby's surgery went well and that he is up and about. Dealing with a permanent colostomy will be a new ball game and adapting. That is wonderful news that the cancer hasn't spread- wonderful, indeed!
    Look to more support here as Roby begins the radiation and/or chemo. So many people here have a wealth of information through their varied and common experiences. I've found it interesting that oncologists around the country and world don't all operate the same- I've learned about different options that my own oncologist didn't mention & I've been able to bring those options and information back to him to discuss. It has definitely been helpful. Best wishes to you as the caregiver and to Roby as he goes through this.
    I will pray for you both, if that's alright with you.

  • Sundanceh
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    Great news that there is no metastasis - a silver lining indeed.

    There are many folks here who can help out on the issue of a colostomy, so definitely check in here and they will be glad to help. I was spared so I don't have any input on this subject but admire all of those who have had to go through it.

    It sounds like things are in track and about to move in a new direction for you both; so glad all went as planned.

  • AnneCan
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    I am happy the surgery went well + your husband is up + about. Thanks for letting us know!
  • karguy
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    I'm glad
    I'm glad the surgery went well,and he is up,and about.I have had a permanant colosomy for three years,and after you get used to it,it is covenient.You don't have to run to the bathroom all the time,and when you get diarea,you just wait untill the bag is full,then just empty it.A good ostomy nurse is a must,she will show you what you need to know,usually before he leaves the hospital.If the stitches in his butt tear call the doctor right away,and have some heavy duty pads ready,because the old blood will be draining out.It's ok,just don't freak out like I did when I saw all the blood.Good luck,and we are here when you have questions.